Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Sustainability goals are benchmarks are becoming increasingly important and mainstream. Often, sustainability practices reduce overall spend and improve efficiency. Companies with sustainable practices improve trust between staff, investors, customers and other stakeholders. They attract, and retain employees. Sustainability builds credibility, and promotes brand awareness.

Desert Peak Marketing is proud to represent lines who have embraced Sustainability and incorporated it into their products, their packing methods, their manufacturing processes, or all of the above.


The Arc Group, world leader in tableware, announced in February 2022 it has joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Network. Arc has also started to invest in the circular economy, particularly through its involvement in the development of container re-use channels and by testing the introduction of recycled glass from household waste collection in its production. Read more about Cardinal’s commitment here.


Churchill is passionate about their social and environmental responsibilities. Sustainability is also a human resource. The ‘Churchill way’ is about ensuring that they remain focused on delivering service excellence to customers while keeping community and history at heart. Read more about Churchill’s commitment here.


COOLTEC’s remote air-cooled REFRIG-O-PAK system utilizes safe CFCs for food service applications, costs less to buy and to install, yet at the same time can save up to 20% per month on energy usage. REFRIG-O-PAK systems are easier to install, easier to service, and much less expensive to operate. Read more about Cooltec’s commitment to energy efficiency here.


Fermod shelving from conception is designed to help protect the environment. Orders are packaged securely and safely but without wasteful unnecessary packing, and the packaging is 100% recyclable. Read more about Fermod’s international commitment to the environment here.


While non disposable dishware and flatware by nature is eco-friendly, washing all those dishes can offset the positive environmental impact. Not true with Meiko-high temp dishmachines mean no chemicals (not only a positive sustainability impact, but cost savings as well). Meiko machines use less water and less electricity than the competition. Request an energy ROI from Desert Peak Marketing, and read more about Meiko and Sustainability here.


Salvajor has embraced sustainability since its inception with their patent on the Salvajor Collector in 1944. The world was at war and raw materials, like steel, were a precious commodity. Flatware was being destroyed at an alarming rate by inferior scrapping methods throughout our military camps. Salvajor’s founder, George C. Hohl Sr., presented his product to the War Production Board and proved the Scrap Collector was a solution to this problem. In turn, the Army gave Salvajor their first order. Today, Salvajor offers unique solutions for food waste reduction, reduced water consumption, and producing and packaging their product in a sustainable manner. For Salvajor, “sustainability” is not just a buzzword, it’s a core value of their business. Read more here.


ThermoKool uses recycled materials in manufacturing and 4”-5” urethane foamed in place zero ozone depleting insulation. ThermoKool has multiple options to assist with controlling energy costs and reducing overall cost of ownership. Read more.


For Unox, sustainability runs right to the very core of business. Through development of energy-efficient equipment, the use of recyclable components and packaging, and helping to educate our wider business stakeholders, Unox demonstrates the ROI that can be achieved through simple changes and the use of sustainable equipment. Read more.


Victorinox is deeply committed to reducing footprint and positively impacting the world around them. From foregoing packaging when at all possible, to using the heat from knife production to heat the plant and homes around the plant, to recycling all scrap steel, Victorinox has won numerous awards for their commitment to sustainability. Read more.


Adande’s “hold the cold” technology reduces energy cost and food waste, thanks to both stable temperature and humidity. You can read more about why Adande helps businesses meet sustainability goals here … About Adande | Adande Refrigeration | Adande UK

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